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Recruitment Guidelines '21



This has been a long and unexpected break for all of us. But the crucial time for you is near. This is a post with reference to the post by Vamsi Krishna Gollapudi for important tips to prepare for the internship interviews, given the current COVID situation.

Original Link : https://www.facebook.com/groups/760104427344959?view=permalink&id=1826592904029434

Added suggestion: Create a Resume over the next week, and modify it further over the next few weeks.

This is how a typical 3rd year begins, for 'unprepared students':

  • - Random run around for getting things done
  • - Making last-minute unpolished resumes
  • - Sitting blank in the interview hall
  • - Waiting for companies to come and for you to try

  • I don't think there is a definite way of preparing, but here is a list of things you might wanna keep in mind during your holidays:

  • - [AVG] Prepare your resume for on-campus interviews and polish it over time, here is a link for college format.
  • - [IMP] Prepare well in DS Algo
    PS You will be asked coding questions in interviews and can be asked to write the code. Since the interview will most probably be virtual so try to practice writing correct code in one go. Practising mock interviews will help you do so and also help you to gain confidence in addressing them.
  • - [IMP] Prepare another wonderful resume for off-campus applications. You can refer to Overleaf for templates.
  • - [IMP] Create an updated LinkedIn profile with proper details. Make connections and look for internship opportunities there. Since the situation is unpredictable, don’t leave any stone unturned.
  • - [IMP] Since the interview will be conducted online, make sure you have a stable internet connection for a hassle-free interview.
  • - [V IMP] Decide on what you want to pursue later on since you have to work on it from the next sem itself!

  • For people who want jobs:

  • - Buy a formal dress for on-campus interviews: Should be a white formal + black pant + formal shoes, its a dress code you have to abide by
  • - Most companies right now are just interested in interns and give PPO to them, so don't think if you mess it up now, you will get yourself together in your final year since there might not be a chance. Also due to COVID-19, many companies are conducting PPI. So prepare yourself for it.
  • - The typical structure of on-campus interviews: Coding round with Qs and problems to solve. For this, you need to practice CP quite a bit, not a lot, but a good amount of level
  • - GD, this is quite random I should say
  • - Interview: This is where your Resume matters, they screw you over your resume and ask each and everything you wrote in it. If not, they will ask from subjects you wrote the exam on. YES! What you studied in college does matter and they WILL ask Qs from your syllabus.

  • Few things on Resumes:

  • - Enter your qualifications exact, don't try to overdo it or fake it
  • - You might not have any internship, if you do, that's great. Else, please do some mini-projects over the next few weeks and put them up in your resume and GitHub.
  • - ASK your seniors whom you trust to review it. They know what mistakes they made, and will always be ready to help so that you won't do the same.

  • For people opting for MS:

  • - Ask your profs over next year if they have any projects and work on them
  • - Try as much as you can for a foreign research intern or intern at IITs, they hold more weightage than you think.

  • You should also refer to the interview experiences. This will give you a fair idea of the questions asked in interviews.

We know it's a tough situation but we have to adapt to the NEW NORMAL and do the NEEDFUL.

Posted by: ayesha.uzma054 on May 10, 2021, 8:07 p.m. Last updated on May 10, 2021, 8:38 p.m.

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