Programming Club of NIT Durgapur

Who are we?

RECursion NIT Durgapur is an initiative to embolden the budding coding minds through regular Code Classes, robust coding competitions and geeky sessions.
Pioneered by a faction of enthusiasts in 2014, RECursion has continued to evolve ever since. Besides a fancy placement package, we seek to ameliorate participation in programming competitions like ACM ICPC etc.
Our dynamic panel is invariably available to sort any techie doubts and cultivate positivity in you. We intend to create an intriguing ambience where coding is more of a mental sport and after every green tick, the Coder in you gets bigger and wittier. So if you have those bits hovering over your head 24*7, RECursion is your Solution!

"Coding is a Choice, not a Compulsion.
When you are doing it, just do it with a smile."


RECursion Class for...

Mar 05, 2019

RECursion Class for 2nd yearsclose

Topics to be discussed: Continuation of Dynamic Programming Date: 5 March,2019 Time: 5:45pm - 7:45pm Venue: LG 12 - Old Acad

RECursion Class for...

Mar 04, 2019

RECursion Class for 1st yearsclose Topics : Discussion of revision contest problems, problems on Sieve of Eratosthenes, Bit...

Revision contest fo...

Mar 01, 2019

Revision contest for 1st yearclose

Online revision contest on codeforeces Time-1st March to 3rd March 2019

Our Team

Chetan Garg
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Sourav Agarwal
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Vishvanath Dutt Sharma
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